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FAQs are a must-have for any SaaS

Even after browsing through the homepage, your users will still have questions about your product - and that's where the known frequently asked questions comes in.

Maybe you didn't notice it before, but they are a great tool to boost your conversion rates. An FAQ can be a valuable resource for users who are looking for quick answers to common questions as they navigate a landing page. In fact, they can even help you rank higher on Google through rich snippets.

The problem is that many SaaS founders often drop a few FAQs on their page and call it a day. They don't consider the context of the information the user is looking for.

You need to make sure your FAQs are actually helping out your users in clearing objections so that they can sign up or even subscribe to your service.

So today, we're rounding up the common questions you should be answering at each point of your user journey.


These will be the most general questions. Answer questions such as:

In the case of Notice, this would be:

Pricing Page

Yes - you should have an FAQ here too! The pricing page is one of the first places your users visit when accessing your website. So make sure you’re answering the following questions:

Feature Page

Questions here should target the feature you’re describing on the page. Let’s say we’re explaining how does work our translation feature. We could answer questions such as:

All FAQs Page

You should also include an All FAQs Page where users can find all questions grouped and organized into categories. Don't forget to include a search bar - users will have an even smoother experience.

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